Gutter Cleaning

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FIXED PRICE Gutter Cleaning

£4.75 per meter

Standard cleaning cost is £4.75 per linear meter
Alternatively, Heavily blocked areas (i.e. with grass/weeds growing) will be;
£6.75 per linear meter

Please note we do not charge a call out fee, however our minimum job specification is 10 metres (therefore £47.50 minimum charge)

Costs for gutter cleaning the average house

These are indication costs for gutter clearing on the average property, invoices are calculated on exact measurements shown below for our fixed price service.







Start the video to view our gutter clearing in action!

Using an industrial specialised vacuum system we are able to reach 40 feet or more in the air whilst our operators work safely from ground level. We use no ladders wherever possible when cleaning gutters, our ground based equipment means this is not normally necessary.

A blocked gutter can cause water to build up and enter the property if left unrepaired, resulting in tens of thousands of pounds worth of repairs.


Never been so pleased to have a salesman knock on my door. Whata good job.

Great service great job everytime

I am OCD and my windows are faultless.

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Recent reviews online

Very reliable
We have used these cleaners for a while. Thought i should say thanks for the clean gutters. Very satisfied.

Best company used
Always turn up when they say they will and always pleased with the result. Thanks guys

Uk window clean are by far the best gutter cleaners ive ever used. Will use again.

Results great
Thanks for your consistently good work.Our gutters have never looked so good until you came to clean.

Worth the money
Its rare you find a company that do as they promise and you want to recommend to your friends. Worth the money