We offer a reliable local window cleaner service throughout the UK. With our free window clean promotional offer and the back up of our award winning customer service, surely it's time to give us a try?

    Operating a network of local window cleaning operators but with the benefit of our strict criteria and training. You can be sure of;

    • Constant customer care by phone and email when you need it - Our back up team are there to help, whatever your demands are. No queueing, automated option phone systems or foreign call centres. You deal directly with our helpful customer service team.

    • Reliable workmen - We turn up when promised and all our cleaners go through rigorous initial and ongoing training.

    • Respect for your business - We are grateful of all our business, big and small. Unlike some tradesmen who seem arrogant about new work, we don't take it for granted.

    • No contracts - We never hold customers to a contract. We are confident in our ability to do a superb job to keep you as a customer. That way, if we're not keeping you happy, you are free to look elsewhere. It's a simple logical way to make sure we do our best at all times.

    The whole ethos of our business is a respectful local window cleaning service that you can rely upon. The operators we use are background checked, chosen and trained for polite customer service skills in addition to superb cleaning skills.
    Our founder started the business from home and the same criteria is used today for recruitment, hence all the operators are trustworthy individuals we would be happy to visit our own homes. He trained the first operator how to complete to our standard of workmanship and everyone since has been trained operator to operator, we call it our organic training principle. We have never advertised for experienced window cleaners, we prefer to train from scratch so we can be sure the work is done to exacting standards.

    We hear nightmare stories of window cleaners who refuse to clean conservatory roofs and other extras, preferring to stick rigidly to standard glass cleaning. As our website shows, we are only too happy to provide non standard services and to our knowledge we are the only company to offer fixed pricing for gutter clearing, patio and driveway cleaning, shown clearly on the relevant pages on this website.
    Even worse we often hear of cleaners arrogantly walking away from customers of many years, just because of a new request or daring to ask if they clean conservatory roofs. We're flexible and provide one off or annual extras such as conservatory roof cleaning with pleasure.
    Why anyone should expect to accommodate such behaviour is beyond us. You can be sure of us being grateful of your business at all times. Never stuck in a contract you are free to stop our services at any time should we not live up to our promise.


    Window Cleaning
    We offer the most comprehensive window cleaning service avaliable.

    Conservatory Roof Cleaning
    We specialise in the cleaning of conservatory roofs.

    Fascias & Cladding Cleaning
    We clean all upvc fascias, soffits and cladding boards.

    Gutter Cleaning
    We can clear and clean all your house and garage gutters.

    Driveway & Patio Cleaning & Sealing
    We are an acredited Smart-Seal installers