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    Book a local conservatory cleaners Birmingham service and get access to incredibly low, fixed prices!

    The conservatory cleaners Birmingham staff members represent all of the best things about UKWindowClean, and all of the incredible services that we provide. Using our reliable company vans, our conservatory cleaning staff are able to operate within Birmingham and across all of its surrounding postcodes.

    Every one of our professional conservatory cleaners are equipped with thorough but delicate conservatory cleaning tools. They have been especially designed with the intent to keep conservatories protected, whilst cleaning them to standards that will blow you away. Our conservatory cleaners Birmingham staff are well trained to use these tools well, and ensure that both your conservatory windows and panels are cared for as if they were their own.

    As much as we all want it to be true, conservatory roofs can not remain clean and looking as they did when they were first installed. So our local conservatory cleaners Birmingham team are trained to the highest standard to keep your luxurious conservatory looking it’s absolute best.


    With our conservatory roof cleaning service we have done everything we can to create a fair, and fixed pricing policy for our services. We have achieved this by only charging per panel when it comes to your conservatory roof, and it also depends on the overall condition of your conservatory.

    For instance, if your conservatory is in good condition, and has been cleaned within the last year then we will charge £6 per panel to clean it.

    If your conservatory has a minor amount of moss and dirt, but has been cleaned within the last three years then we will charge £8 per panel.

    Finally, if your conservatory is in poor condition with plenty of moss and dirt, but has been cleaned within the last 3+ years we will charge £9.50 per panel to clean it.

    £6 per panel
    well maintained (cleaned within 1 year)
    £8 per panel
    partial moss/ dirt build up (cleaned within 3 years)
    £9.50 per panel
    poor condition (not cleaned within last few years)

    Cost Of Cleaning The Conservatory Window

    We calculate how much to charge for cleaning your conservatory windows based on the size of the windows and for each window on the conservatory. This charge is included in the overall invoice and will appear as a flat fee.

    Small windows
    Medium windows
    Large windows

    Give us the chance to clean your conservatory for a fixed price!

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