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    A good conservatory roof cleaning should be able to return your conservatory to its former glory. This is natural because conservatory roofs can’t remain pristine all of the time, and when they do accumulate dirty, or green moss, they need a professional Tarporley conservatory roof cleaning team to help them out.

    Our professional conservatory roof cleaners use safe, industry tested methods to bring out the best in conservatory roofs whilst ensuring that they look better than ever before after the cleaning is complete.

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    Cost of cleaning the conservatory roof

    Our conservatory cleaning prices are fixed. We charge for each panel we clean based on the condition of the roof.

    A well-maintained roof previously cleaned within the last year costs £8.50 per panel. So, for example, a small conservatory with 11 panels would cost £96.50 (£93.50+£3)

    A conservatory with partial moss and dirt build up probably cleaned once in the last 3 years costs £12 per panel to clean.

    Finally, a poorly maintained conservatory roof that’s in bad condition and hasn’t been cleaned for a few years would cost £16.50 per panel.

    £8.50 per panel
    well maintained (cleaned within 1 year)
    £12 per panel
    partial moss/ dirt build up (cleaned within 3 years)
    £16.50 per panel
    poor condition (not cleaned within last few years)

    In addition we charge for the windows below the roof based on Small £5, Medium £7.50, Large £10 (this is for all the windows, not per pane).

    Cost Of Cleaning The Conservatory Window

    We also charge for cleaning the windows below the roof based on size. This is a flat fee added to the cost of the roof cleaning job.

    So, for example, a well maintained small conservatory with 11 panels and small windows would cost £96.50 (£93.50+£3)

    Small windows
    Medium windows
    Large windows

    Take advantage of our incredibly generous fixed price offer, and our expert Tarporley conservatory roof cleaning team today!

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