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    At UKWindowClean, our oven cleaners Doncaster team are only made up of professional and reliable staff. All available for fixed prices!

    Finding the time and the energy to clean your oven can be quite the task. It's natural to leave the oven cleaning until the last thing on your list, and more often than not the appliance can be left uncleaned for weeks on end. Cooking within these appliances can be extremely hazardous to your food as food debris that is left uncleaned in your oven can breed bacteria and germs onto your fresh food. Our oven cleaners Doncaster team get the job done, and done right.

    Give yourself a well deserved break, and get our oven cleaners Doncaster team to do the hard work for you. Not only do they use environmentally friendly, odourless cleaning products but they also safely, and carefully dismantle your appliances so they can be loaded into the washing machine in our vans. These machines are capable of cleaning oven knobs, burners, doors and racks; and while this is happening, our oven cleaners will be hand cleaning the parts of your appliance that cannot be loaded into the washing machine.

    This method makes our oven cleaners Doncaster team incredibly efficient, and can rid your appliance of grease and grime without damaging them. Our staff operate in and around all of Doncaster, so enquire with us today for regular oven cleaning appointments.

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    We base our prices on the size of the appliance cleaned by our staff member, and the length of time it takes to get the job done. Take a look at our simple guide below so you can see exactly how our fixed price policy works.

    Standard Ovens Single £75
    Double £90
    Range Ovens Twin Door Range £115
    Three Door Range £130
    Four Door Range £145
    Aga/Rayburn/LaCanche Full Clean £190
    Hobs Standard Hob £25
    Larger Hob £35
    Other Appliances Extractor Hoods £25-40
    Microwaves £25

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