If you’re looking for a professional, local window cleaning service in Stokesley then look no further than UKWindowClean. We provide a friendly, local cleaning service with a free 1st clean.

    Our fleet of window cleaning operators are equipped with the best tools, training, insurance and pure-water cleaning system.


    Fascia Cleaning - Maintaining a good level of fascia cleaning is essential to keep your house looking spic and span.

    Conservatory Cleaning - Conservatories can be tricky to access and clean. Due to their fragility, it’s impossible to lean on a conservatory without causing damage. We can do it from the ground with special poles.

    Solar Panel - Solar panels that aren’t cleaned to a high standard can lose up to 25% of their energy output?

    Secure yourself a free window clean, provided by the best professional window cleaners in Stokesley. £0 for your first clean, there really is no reason not to give us a try.

    Make your booking today and get your first window cleaning appointment for free!

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    Standard window cleaning service includes:

    All Windows
    All Window Frames
    All Window Sills
    Velux & Dormer Windows
    3rd Story Windows

    We provide window cleaning services to all property types including:

    Car Homes
    Apartment Blocks
    Office & Office Blocks

    At UKWindowClean, we want to make sure that our customers completely trust our brand, our vision, and our window cleaners. Our operators can easily be recognised by the iconic vans, uniforms and logos that can be seen up and down the country. Our rigorous screening progress for employees makes sure that we hire only the best window cleaning operators, and if that wasn’t enough all of our operators receive full, professional training and insurance. The care for our customers is reflected in the training and trust we put into our employees.

    On every window cleaning job that we do, we make sure to get into every corner, gap, edge and side to make sure there’s no spec of dust or dirt left. As part of our window cleaning service Stokesley, we use a purified-water system which removes any traces of minerals and dirt in the water for a chemical and streak-free clean. Our telescopic water-fed poles also mean that we don’t use ladders at our jobs, which removes any danger of falling or that you’ll see one of our operators outside your window!

    Book your window cleaning service Stokesley appointment today for a one-off clean or on a monthly basis, and get your first clean completely free! We will provide you with a quote for the clean, and you can make a payment online or through easy, alternative payment methods. If after a few months you want to make changes to your subscription, be sure to contact us directly and you can cancel your subscription anytime.

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    Local window cleaning service covering all areas of Stokesley including:

    TS9 and surrounding areas.

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