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    We provide expert and professional gutter cleaning and other domestic and commercial services for all types of properties in Scarborough and the surrounding areas.

    We use powerful vacuum units and lightweight poles to clean gutters up to a height of 60ft without using any ladders.

    Fixed cost gutter clearing service in Scarborough. Take advantage of the 20% offer today.

    Do your gutters need cleaning?
    We service Scarborough for your gutter maintenance needs.

    We also provide many other cleaning services, take a look around the sire for more information.

    Professional gutter cleaning service throughout Scarborough We leave your gutters free of moss, leaves and other debris; thus allowing a good flow for proper drainage. We use the latest telescopic gutter vacuum system to enable efficient clearing of gutter pipes all from the safety of the ground.

    Why have your gutters cleaned?

    • Complete removal of all moss, leaves and any other debris
    • Uncleared gutters can cause blockages and effect drainage
    • Helps stop unsightly weeds growing
    • Low cost for a very beneficial property service

    Avoid these issues by ensuring your gutters are clear of blockages.

    • Damp
    • Wet rot
    • Mould
    • Structure damage

    Cheap Fixed Price Gutter Cleaning

    Standard gutter cleaning cost
    Standard gutter cleaning cost
    Minimum job specification
    £8.75 per metre standard
    £10.75 heavily blocked
    £87.50 minimum charge

    We measure the length of the gutters we’ve cleaned and invoice you based on this measurement along with the level of blockage we dealt with. Note that we charge a minimum fee of £87.50 which is equivalent to 10m of gutters cleaned and there is no call out fee.

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    Average Price Of Gutter Clearing In Scarborough


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    Why Choose UK Window Clean Scarborough?

    • Clear Fixed Prices
    • Fully Insured
    • Trusted
    • No ladders

    Brands we’ve worked with

    As a trusted provider of professional gutter cleaning services in York, we’ve worked with big names nationwide!

    YO11, YO12, YO13, YO14 are all serviced.

    Including Cayton, Seamer.

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