Give your residential and commercial property the clean it deserves with our window cleaners in Scarborough

    If you haven’t already heard of us and what we do; at UKWindowClean we are a local window cleaning company with a growing national presence. We provide professional window cleaners in Scarborough, the surrounding areas of Scarborough and to the rest of the country.

    We have solidified ourselves as the best window cleaning company in the UK by utilising an effective combination of effective cleaning operators, attentive customer service, telescopic water-fed poles and a pure-water system. This allows our window cleaners to remain safely on the ground, while reaching and cleaning windows up to 60ft. The pure-water system filters and creates deionised tap water, which we have effectively proven delivers a streak-free clean to all of our customers and clients.

    Our window cleaners in Scarborough, and throughout the rest of the country, are fully trained and insured to operate on both residential and commercial properties. The dedication to the health and safety of our employees is proof that we only send the best window cleaners in Scarborough to your property. This also helps us stand out from other window cleaners you may have heard of or used in the past.

    Telescopic Water-Fed Poles & Pure-Water System

    At UKWindowClean we have invested a great amount of research into equipping our cleaning operators with the best window cleaning technology. The telescopic water-fed poles have non-abrasive brushes on the end so we can reach heights of up to 60ft and not damage your property in the process.

    Here are some advantages of the telescopic water-fed poles and pure-water system:

    • Extendable poles to reach all the windows on your property
    • Allows our operators to work safely from the ground
    • The poles make us 100% ladderless!
    • The pure-water system is environmentally friendly
    • Conservatory roofs, UPVC cladding, canopies and solar panels can all be reached and delicately cleaned
    • The privacy of our customers is upheld on every job as there’s no risk of window cleaners catching you in a compromising position while cleaning
    • Noise disturbance is drastically reduced without the use of clunky ladders
    • With the extendable poles and pure-water system ready to go, this massively reduces the time our cleaning operators are on the job which means they’re out of your hair sooner
    • The pure-water system removes minerals and dirt found in natural tap water, which generally keeps them gleaming and sparkling for longer

    Make a simple enquiry today, or book your first cleaning appointment for free!

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    Standard window cleaning service includes:

    All Windows
    All Window Frames
    All Window Sills
    Velux & Dormer Windows
    3rd Story Windows

    We provide window cleaning services to all property types including:

    Car Homes
    Apartment Blocks
    Office & Office Blocks

    We offer the free trial clean to Scarborough, and all of its surrounding postcodes. This is the perfect opportunity to try out our superb window cleaners in Scarborough, and see for yourself how well we work. This is just a simple way of proving to you that we are a reliable, efficient and professional window cleaning service that will always be in service of our customers.

    Having your residential and commercial property regularly cleaned is the trick to preventing mould build up, and dirt around windows which keeps windows healthier for longer. The window cleaners in Scarborough team can be used for a one-off clean and a monthly recurring service, and we work hard to maintain long lasting relationships with every one of our customers. The window cleaning operators will even notify you before they arrive so that you are fully informed of everything taking place on the day of the clean.

    Book today to arrange monthly residential and commercial property clean with our professional and reliable window cleaners in Scarborough. Receive a quick quote, and payment can be made through the website or through alternative, safe payment methods. Recurring subscriptions can be cancelled at any time, simply contact us directly.

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    Local window cleaning service covering all areas of Scarborough including:

    YO11, YO12, YO13, YO14 are all serviced.
    Including Cayton, Scarborough, Seamer.

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