Best Ways To Clean Your Oven After A Sunday Roast

Join us today as we look at the best ways to clean your oven after it has tackled yet another lovely Sunday Roast!

We’ve all experienced the same sense of the dread of having cooked and eaten your incredible Sunday roast, and having to look upon the pots, pans, utensils, and the oven that has been obliterated in the process. For some people, the thought of having to clean all of these parts to your oven can be enough to persuade you into never starting in the first place.

However, at UKWindowClean, we would like to put your mind at ease and we want to share our knowledge on the best ways to clean your oven, and turn a weekend ordeal into an afternoon walk in the park.

Our methods don’t require complicated setups, or the lengthy dismantling and reassembling of your oven appliance. With a little elbow grease, and environmentally friendly cleaning product you are well on your way to using our ideas for the best ways to clean your oven.So without further ado, let’s figure out the best way to tackle your oven after the Sunday roast.

Why Cleaning Your Oven Is Important

Before we put in some elbow grease, just take a brief look at your oven and take stock of the areas where your oven is looking its worst. It could be around the hobs, on the oven racks, the shelves, the knobs, or it could be food debris caught where the door opens. If you have found that you answered yes to one or more of these questions, then it’s about time to give your oven a clean like it never has before.

Secondly, get a little closer to your oven and try to identify any smells coming from your oven? Can you spot any mould? Are there any thick layers of grease?

Thirdly, when you use your oven, does it smoke? The smoke as well as the smell can be indicators that your oven has accumulated plenty of thick grease, food debris, and other hazards that need to be taken care of before you cook one more thing in that oven.

This is important because any food that is cooked inside an oven that has ticked “Yes” to the questions we have just asked is running the risk of infecting the food, and potentially creating a health and safety hazard for anyone using the oven.

Whether you’re using your oven for the occasional pizza, or the mammoth sunday roast, it’s important to remove the dirt, grime, and food debris from your previous uses of the oven as we don’t want to cause anyone to become ill from our cooking. That’s not a very good impression on your cooking abilities!

How Often Should Your Oven Be Cleaned?

How often you should clean your oven depends heavily on what you use your oven for and how frequently it is used. If you are someone that does regular Sunday roasts, as well as baking savoury treats throughout the week then your oven needs to be scrubbed and thoroughly cleaned every three to four months. However if you are someone who rarely uses the oven, then a few times a year should be enough.

Understandably, like most cleaning tasks, we aren’t always in the mood to do a proper clean and sometimes we simply don’t have enough time to clean or look at guides on the best ways to clean your oven. A good rule of thumb should be as soon as you notice an odd smell or smoke coming from your oven, then you should start thinking about scheduling a proper clean of your oven before bad turns into worse.

What Equipment Is Needed To Deliver A Professional Oven Clean

If you have made it this far, then you should be committed to delivering a good, professional clean of your oven, and we’re almost there but we need to get together the right equipment to do that.

Firstly, what you’ll need is a commercial or DIY oven cleaner. This can come in the form of a good, quality oven cleaner that you have bought from the shops, some sort of home remedy, or something you have found online that is safe and efficient. Whichever option you decide to go for, ideally you want something that can cut through grease, grime, and food debris with ease.

You will need to put in some elbow grease regardless of your weapon of choice, but if you can make the task easier on yourself then the entire day will go a lot smoother.

Secondly, we need to think about safety for ourselves. A good pair of latex gloves and protective goggles are exactly what you need, and is highly recommended to use when cleaning anything with chemicals or solutions, and especially for ridding surfaces of grease and grime. These will not only protect your skin from chemicals which may cause irritation, but also your eyes need to be protected from splashes of cleaning liquid. At no point should you sacrifice our own health and safety to get the job done faster.

Finally, we need our trusty scrubbing pad, or microfiber sponges. These will be essential to scrubbing stubborn stains of grease and grime build up after you have sprayed or poured your oven cleaning liquid into those areas. The combination of a bit of elbow grease, oven cleaner, and a good quality sponge or pad will do light work of any dirty oven.

You’re Now Ready To Put Our “Best Ways To Clean Your Oven” Tips To Work

We’ve given you all the tips and tools you could possibly need to get the job done, and now it’s just a case of getting down to it. One final piece of advice should be to divide and conquer. It’ll be much more difficult to clean your oven with all the racks, trays, knobs, and handles in the way so any piece of your oven that you can safely take out and put back in after the clean is done is advised. But also remember to clean those removable pieces also!

Everything should be cleaned with your oven cleaning solution, given time to soak if needed, and once everything is cleaned remember to rinse everything off with normal tap water. This removes all chemicals from your oven pieces and makes it safe before you use it next time for your Sunday roast.

That concludes our tips on the best ways to clean your oven after a Sunday roast! At the end of the day, we understand that as great as our advice is, we don’t always have time to find a few hours to clean our ovens. With work, family, friends, and other commitments, it can be difficult to carve out an afternoon to clean an oven that “doesn’t look that bad”. However, you can’t beat an excellent, professional clean by a local oven cleaning company like UKWindowClean.

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