What Is The Best Way To Clean Decking?

What Is The Best Way To Clean Decking?

Three Simple Steps For The Best Way To Clean Decking

Decking requires a lot of care and attention, as without both your decking could start to look like a worn down paddle boat with holes. If you’re tired of home remedies and endlessly searching for the best way to clean decking before you get the furniture out of storage, then rest assured we have put together a list of three simple steps to bring life back to your decking.

The exterior of your house, and especially decking and outdoor furniture can take a beating during the Winter and Autumn months so it’s important to have a full proof plan to breathe some life back into your decking. A great way to check how your decking is fairing is to fill up half a cup of water and pour it out onto your deck. If th

Prepare The Decking

As best as you can, you want to remove all the furniture from your decking to ensure that you can clean every square inch of your decking without bumping into deck chairs and tables. Any furniture that has been in storage a bit too long, or has been sitting outside for an extended period of time may also be in desperate need of some cleaning so don’t forget to come back to the furniture after we have resurrected your decking.

Before any decking cleaning product is used, you should complete a quick look over your decking and identify any parts that have fared worse than others. Getting a dustpan and brush is also required so you can remove any loose bits of dirt, leaves, and twigs as we don’t want those getting in the way of the cleaning.

Mixing The Solution

Unfortunately, rainwater isn’t enough to clean your decking. A thorough washing with a solution diluted in water is the trick to getting a safe, and effective clean on your decking. Any tough decking clean and revive solution is ideally what you should be using on your decking, and will bring out the rich, wooden look you are hoping for.

After you have made your mixture you need to ensure that it doesn’t sit on your decking, and you should avoid splashing the solution all over your decking. Instead, with the help of a cloth or brush, you should clean the entire deck with a generous amount of solution applied. The decking will dry as you move along the different sections, and judging by how quickly the decking dries should let you know if you are using too much solution. Taking a long time to dry may mean you are using too much solution.

Staining Your Decking

You should wait for your decking to be completely dry and clean before using any type of decking oil to provide a coat. Decking oil is important to maintain the health of the decking, and bring colour back to it. Over time, weather and the sun will dry out your decking which can mean it loses its original colour.

Based on our experience, a 5 litre tin of oil covers around 50 square metres of decking which should be more than enough for a few cleans of your decking a couple of times a year. Use a brush to apply the oil evenly across your decking, and consider applying two coats to ensure the colour of your decking is as bright as can be and catches the light. Once the decking oil has dried, the matt finish and waterproof protection will keep your decking looking better than it ever has before!

Why Not Get The Experts In?

At the end of the day, we don’t all have time to take a full day off to clean and varnish our decking. The professionals at UKWindowClean are insured, trained, and screened to ensure that they know all about the best way to clean decking.

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