How To Clean Hob Plates Professionally?

How To Clean Hob Plates Professionally?

Knowing how to clean hob plates well can be the bane of all those that step into the kitchen. It is inevitable that when you are cooking in the kitchen, spillages like pasta, dirt, and general grime will cover your countertops and hob. It’s unavoidable, and even in top quality restaurant kitchens there will be spillages and dirt that gather in all sorts of places.

Whether it’s the pasta sauce that keeps popping, or the rice that has boiled over onto the hob; keeping on top of cleaning your hob plates can feel like a nonstop job.

However, a clean kitchen and hob can completely change the look and feel of your kitchen, as well as the rest of your house. When life is getting stressful, and you feel as though you can’t get on top of things; finding an afternoon to clear your head and follow our guide on how to clean hob plates is the perfect break you need. Also, it’s a good way to pay your kitchen back for all the support it gives you.

Before We Begin Cleaning<

Before we start tackling the dirt and grime that is caked over the hob plates, there’s a few things we need to gather first:

  • A clean, and dry cloth is important for buffing the surface of your hob.
  • A damp cloth will always be useful.
  • A soft, but strong scourer to be able to remove the stubborn areas of dirt and grime.
  • A nearby sink, or bucket to fill with hot, soapy water.
  • A multi surface cleaner is important to loosen the tough areas of dirt.
  • As an optional piece of kit, get an unused toothbrush to clean the awkward angle crevices of the oven and around the hob plates.

One last thing to remember is that your oven should be completely turned off before you begin any cleaning!

How To Clean Hob Plates On A Gas Hob

Unlike an electric plate hob, a gas hob requires the most amount of work to be able to get clean. But, the results will be incredible once the job is complete.

Firstly, remove the metal racks and hob burner tops from the oven. The sink should be filled with hot, soapy water and washing up liquid. This will be important to allow the racks and burner tops to soak while you take care of the rest of your oven. Avoid leaving them into soak for hours and hours as this can cause the racks and plates to rust.

Step 1 - Using your damp cloth, remove as much food, dirt, and grime from the oven as possible. Pay careful attention around the gas plates as this is where the most food can gather.

Step 2 - Using a multi-surface cleaner, apply directly to the surface of the hob and leave to soak for a few minutes. Wipe off with a damp cloth, and rinse the cloth between wipes until all of the food and grime has been removed.

Step 3 - Once you’ve done a good job on your hob, bring your focus back to the hob plates and racks that have been soaking.

Step 4 - The parts we removed earlier should now be much easier to clean with a simple cloth. After thoroughly cleaning, rinse the hob plates and racks with cold water before setting them aside to dry completely before returning them to the hob and oven.

Step 5 - With the dry cloth, buff the entire hob to create that lasting shine!

How To Clean Hob Plates On An Electrical Hob

On most electrical hobs, there are four main points that heat pots and pans. If these hobs are not correctly maintained then they can cause food and grime to burn when they heat up. This can allow germs to fester which will infect any future food you plan to cook, and can be bad for the air around you.

Step 1 - Using a multi surface cleaner, spray the entire hob and allow it to soak for two to three minutes.

Step 2 - Get a large cloth and soak it in hot water. Place this over the hob and leave for a further few minutes. This is an incredibly easy way of lifting off burnt stains and grease from the electric hob.

Step 3 - After those three minutes, remove the cloth and wipe away any loose food and grime. This process should be repeated until there is no more dirt on the cloth.

Step 4 - To remove tough stains, dirt, and grease you should use a tough sponge to get into the awkward grooves around the heating plates.

Step 5 - Ensure that the hobs are completely free of any cleaning product by wiping them with a clean, damp cloth. This is important as we don’t want the hob to begin burning chemicals into the air when the time comes to cook again. After this is done, your electrical hob should be completely clean and looking good as new!

Be aware that your hob may burn slightly when you turn your hob back on, so it is important to avoid inhaling any dangerous fumes if this happens.

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