Top 5 Best Gutter Cleaning Tools

Top 5 Best Gutter Cleaning Tools

Find Out Why It’s A Good Idea To Invest In Gutter Cleaning Tools

We’ve all had the feeling when the weather is clear enough to do some house cleaning chores, and you’ve got an afternoon clear to get the job done, but you simply don’t have the energy to put the work in.

It’s understandable; we’ve all got busy lives and sometimes when we do have a spare few hours to ourselves, all we want to do is relax. That’s when you should begin thinking about investing in some gutter cleaning tools.

Gutters are an essential part of your property because and just like many other areas of your household, they must be regularly cleaned in order to prevent major problems. Without regular cleaning, gutters can become clogged with leaves, sticks, and other debris which can threaten the integrity of your gutters with a heavy rainfall. A buckling gutter can also leak water into areas without proper drainage which can cause mould and damp to develop which can be a costly repair.

Considering how many issues these pesky gutters can cause our properties, it’s important to stay on top of the gutter cleaning tasks with some efficient gutter cleaning tools. We have put together the definitive list on the best tools to clear your gutters of any debris, and keep them ticking along for longer. Let’s get started!

The Half Round Gutter Cleaning Tool

This handy tool is not only handheld and precise, but it is also easy on your monthly budget. At the low price of £5.99, this gutter cleaning product has been designed to work seamlessly with an extended, telescopic pole, and with just the tool itself. The curved angle of the tool will fit the angle of most gutters to ensure that everything from soaked leaves to waterlogged sticks will be forced out of your gutter, so that you can safely and conveniently remove it.

The rigid plastic feel of the tool, as well as the 1 year guarantee from ScrewFix should put your mind at ease when it comes to the toughness of this product. Most soft plastic gutter cleaning tools fold under the pressure of removing debris, but not the Half Round Gutter Cleaning Tool. Take a look at it here!

The Combisystem Gutter Cleaner Tool

The Combisystem has the best of both worlds when it comes to gutter cleaning tools. Not only does it have soft bristles on one side of the tool, but it also has tough, plastic gutter scrapers on the other side. Both of these are at your disposal to remove the light leaves after an Autumn evening, and to remove the soaked leaves and heavy moss after a month of windy, hot weather in the Summer months.

As standard, the Combisystem tool is handheld, with a rotating grip so that you can remove every piece of debris from your gutters with ease. However, this gutter cleaning tool can be attached to an optional telescopic gutter cleaning tool for those gutters on second storey roofs, or conservatory gutters at awkward angles. Any hose pipe with an adapter can also be attached to the tool for that all important rinse of your gutters after the heavy lifting is done. Take a look at this amazing product here!

Gutter Sense Gutter Cleaning Tool

Usually, the tasks that are most difficult to do are the tasks that take the longest to get around to starting. We all love doing the fun and easy tasks first, but this can often mean we do not have enough time or energy to complete the difficult tasks, which can delay them for weeks or months at a time. The Gutter Sense gutter cleaning tool has been expertly designed to make gutter cleaning fun again!

Attached to a lightweight pole that completely removes the need for ladders, the head of this gutter cleaning tool is designed to scoop and pick up debris in your gutter so that it can be safely brought to the ground and placed into a neat pile. With minimal mess and minimal effort, this tool is sure to be on everyone’s watchlist, and at such a low cost - we consider this among one of the cheapest gutter cleaning tools we found in our search! Take a look at this great bit of kit here.

Telescopic Gutter Brush Tool

Before we reach the last of the gutter cleaning tools on our list, up next is an easy, and gentle brush tool that knows exactly how to do its job. This tool removes branches, leaves, twigs, moss, and even bird droppings from your gutters whilst allowing you to remain safely on the ground. The brush can be extended to nearly 300cm in length, and comes with interchangeable heads; one being a soft brush that sweeps through the channel of your gutter, and an angled head that does the heavy lifting when it comes to removing the stubborn debris from your gutters.

After you have used this tool, rainwater will be able to freely flow once again and not overflow, or cause issues related to leaking or dampness. All of this at an incredibly low price point should place this firmly on your Christmas list, as it’s a tool that doesn’t know how to disappoint. Take a look at the gutter cleaning brush tool here!

Guttersucker Pro

With the final entry on our list we are stepping into the future. The Guttersucker Pro is as powerful as it looks, and with a multitude of accessories it is sure to make short work of the mess in your gutters. There’s no mistaking that this product is the most expensive product on our gutter clean tools list, starting price at £702, but if you were to imagine what a crossover between gutter cleaning tools and military-grade equipment, it would be this.

Powered by the mains at your property, the Guttersucker Pro has three powerful motors that deliver gutter cleaning like you have never seen before. The exterior of your property will look as marvelous as the day the keys were handed over to you. As for the powerful vacuum unit itself, it comes with lightweight, carbon fibre poles that range from 6 metres to 12 metres in length for gutters of all heights and angles. The site we have found this product on also allows you to mix and match different accessories such as different pole lengths, front and side entry for the vacuum, and even a recordable camera option!

Whether you’re just window shopping, or looking to make a purchase, the Guttersucker website thoroughly explains this product and why it should be on your wishlist. Take a look here!

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