How to Safely Clean your Conservatory Roof

How to safely clean your conservatory roof

Dirt and grime can easily build up on your windows, and your conservatory is no exception. But cleaning your conservatory roof can be an awkward and a potentially dangerous job. Your safety should always be the priority for this task. Check out our list below for our top tips for cleaning your conservatory roof and how to get it done safely.

See below for a summary on cleaning your conservatory, or view our step-by-step guide to clean your conservatory. Your conservatory roof should be regularly cleaned, ideally during the winter and spring months to avoid damage to your conservatory, and ensure your windows look their best.

  1. Take safety precautions, as seen below
  2. Brush and hose off debris, moss, and algae
  3. Wash the windows, either with purified water, warm soapy water, or non-abrasive window cleaners
  4. Rinse and wipe down excess water and product
  5. Wipe down and oil the frames, check the manufacturers cleaning guide to avoid damage

Safety precautions for conservatory roof cleaning


When performing tasks at a height, you should come prepared. Ideally, you’ll have a helmet and work gloves to help you avoid injury in the event of a fall. Comfortable and stable footwear is also ideal. If you do wear glasses or safety goggles, ensure they are clean and enable full visibility while you are cleaning.

Avoid Pressure

Don’t set foot on the conservatory. They are not load bearing and will break under pressure. If you must get onto the conservatory roof, please do not stand. Instead, use crawl boards over the glazing bars, although this is still considered dangerous. Likewise, if you use a ladder don’t rest it on a fragile surface such as glass; plan when you will place the ladder beforehand and make sure it can rest securely against a stable surface.

Ladder Safety

The best possible ladder safety is to avoid a ladder all together. Ideally, use a telescopic brush so that you can clean the conservatory while you are still on the ground. This ensures you can keep your feet firmly planted on the ground. The best telescopic brushes also have a water-fed pole system, which is what our professional cleaners use.

If you need to use a ladder, you could use a stepladder. We advise placing it on even, steady ground. If you’re using a normal ladder, you should only do so if you can secure it to a concrete surface, especially when you are having to lean over to reach your conservatory roof. Best practice when using a ladder would be to get someone to hold your ladder steady. Then, in the event of an accident there is immediate help available.

As this can be an arduous, dangerous task, it’s probably better to get the professionals in. We know how to get quality results without endangering our staff or damaging your property. You can book our fixed price conservatory cleaning or contact us for information on regular cleaning for residential and commercial properties.