Do You Need A Gutter Cleaning Robot?

Do You Need A Gutter Cleaning Robot?

Is a gutter cleaning robot the future for the gutter cleaning world? Is it just a fad, or will it completely revolutionise your cleaning routine?

Gutter cleaning, along with window cleaning and tile cleaning can seem like a task that is always on your list but keeps getting pushed to the bottom of the pile on your to-do list. You may have heard of robots taking over and revolutionising entire industries, but surely robots can’t enter into the gutter cleaning world, or can they...?

With spring just briefly behind us and summer breaking through, you may be considering getting the old step ladder out to clear the gutters on your property. You get all your tools ready, you have a plan of action ready to go, and your trusty step ladders set up before putting in a hard day's work clearing away the water logged moss, leaves and early signs of damp that are affecting your gutter system.

Then before you’ve even had time to recover, it’s winter time and you’re back outside with the ladder and your tools to do the same job again. Leaves that are carried by the wind will be yours and your gutters worst enemy, and you can’t exactly put a fence around your gutters to prevent them from getting stuck. Luckily, in this technological age that we’re in we can use robots to do all the jobs we don’t want to.

Will Anyone Actually Use A Gutter Cleaning Robot?

You may be perfectly fine with getting out the ladders and tools to clear your own gutters, but some people may find using a gutter cleaning robot very convenient:

  • People who are afraid of heights
  • Properties that have difficult to reach gutters that are at awkward angles or too high
  • Certain health conditions may prohibit people going up ladders
  • People who are too busy to clear the gutters on their property

According to, 58% of the UK population have Acrophobia (a fear of heights), which is just over 38 million people. That’s a very large pool of people that may consider using a gutter cleaning robot.

How Does A Robot Clean A Gutter?

Most robots that are designed to clean gutters can simply be placed in the gutter, and along their travel through the gutter they will break through and dislodge any debris they find in their path. The robots are equipped with soft blades at the front to make sure they don’t cause damage to your gutter, whilst being tough enough to cut through any stubborn debris that may be clogging up your gutters.

You could quite literally just place your gutter cleaning robot into your gutter, set it to go and watch it bravely work it’s way through anything causing trouble to your gutter. One of the best and brightest robots to make it on the market was the iRobot Looj 330, which had spinning rubber blades, bristles and a tank-like track to run along. Unfortunately, if you didn’t buy yourself one before 2017 you may be out of luck because the product was discontinued in 2017.

It’s a prime market to break into because as we’ve already outlined, there could be many people crying out for a robot to clean their gutters but there’s not one on the market. Also, would you be able to justify a purchase upwards of £100-£200 for a product you may only use a few times a year?

The big question remains also, can a gutter cleaning robot do as good of a job as a trained, professional human being? Would you trust a robot over a human to do the necessary jobs in and on your household?

If you don’t fancy buying a robot to clean your gutters, why not hire a professionally trained gutter clearing service to do the job for you?

At UKWindowClean, we provide trained professionals that operate all across the country to deliver an expert clear of your gutter. Why trust a robot when you can get a reliable service to be there for you? Book today and secure yourself a 20% discount through our offer!