What Should Be In Your Outdoor Window Cleaning Kit

What Should Be In Your Outdoor Window Cleaning Kit

Have you ever found yourself feeling envious of someone else’s window cleaning kit? Well rest assured that you’re in the right place to get ahead of your neighbours, and understand what makes the best window cleaning kit!

If you’re starting from scratch then a starter window cleaning kit is ideally what you should be looking for. This may not contain your most high-tech window cleaning tools but it will be the most cost effective way to level up your window cleaning game. Starter kits are especially important when you get started because they provide you with everything you need without blowing your life savings.

Basic Window Cleaning Kit

Every window cleaner, regardless of their experience, will have all or some of these items at their disposal:

  • Microfibre cloth
  • Sponge
  • Bucket
  • Environmentally friendly (non-bleach) window cleaning solution
  • Soft bristle, extendable window cleaning brush

All of these incredible tools, when put together, are an essential toolkit for any window cleaner:

A microfibre cloth is important for wiping away dust and dirt from your windows which avoids using harsh bristles. This will keep your windows looking immaculate for longer, and prepped for the window cleaning to start.

A sponge and bucket is important for any cleaning task. The bucket can be used to collect any runoff water so you avoid large amounts of water from spilling around your property. The sponge can also be used as a soft alternative for wiping down windows, window frames, and sills.

Environmentally friendly cleaning solutions are exactly what the pros are using! Also, if you hadn’t guessed it - it's friendly towards the environment as no harsh bleach or chemicals are being used. This ensures that not just your windows, but the sills and frames around your windows last longer as no one wants to sacrifice having to pay for repairs when a friendlier alternative could have been used.

A soft bristle, extendable window cleaning brush is important for reaching those difficult to reach windows, and keeping your windows safe while you clean them. A lot of the extendable brushes on the market these days are also sold with a liquid delivery system so that cleaning solution or water can pump out where the brush is. This makes it easier to clean those 2nd floor windows, instead of throwing water or cleaning solution up from the ground floor.

The ultimate window cleaning kit is within your grasp, but who is going to do the cleaning?

You may already have these tools at your disposal, but it comes down to finding a free morning or afternoon when you can do the window cleaning. Fortunately for you, at UKWindowClean we provide incredibly efficient and professional window cleaners to residential and commercial properties around the UK.

Contact us today, and a friendly UKWindowClean representative will arrange for one of our cleaners to attend your property. Using our free clean offer, you can see exactly how well we work and use our professional window cleaning kit.

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