UK Window Clean COVID-19 Update

UK Window Clean COVID-19 Update

How we are supporting our customers and staff at this time

This year has come with many challenges and changes across the world, as we all strive to stay safe and return to our normal lives we’ve had to make adjustments. In light of the new lockdown rules we’d like to update all of our loyal customers on how we will be operating. Thankfully, as our work is mainly outside and socially distant we are able to continue our work schedule as normal!

During these times, cleanliness is of high importance, as is the health of our operators and general public. All of our employees are required to follow Government guidance which we keep all of our staff up-to date on. But to go a step further for the safety of our staff and customers, there have been many further changes where possible.

Our operators work individually on their rounds and so are able to continue working safely. As we can continue to offer our services, to keep everyone safe we also have the following in place for our operators:

  • Hand sanitising when arriving and leaving each job
  • The option for customers to have payment slips emailed if they prefer over the operators posting through letterboxes
  • The option to make payment via online banking rather than exchanging cash
  • All our operators carry industrial sprayers to provide disinfectant services where requested by customers
  • Allow customers to request they would prefer operators not to knock on doors, this is then updated on their accounts

We can also clean regularly touched areas upon request such as gates and letterboxes or any other area that customers would like us to maintain for them using either our usual purified water system or using the above mentioned disinfectant service. This way we are able to leave your property cleaner, safer and with a beautiful shine!

When on-site in our depot, we ensure our staff:

  • Regular handwashing and hand sanitising
  • Regular cleaning of work surfaces and frequently touched areas
  • Masks to be worn upon entry
  • 2 meter distancing maintained
  • Signs throughout the depot to serve as reminders

We never predicted this year wouldn’t have turned out this way, but we would like to take a moment to say, on behalf of all our staff, thank you to everyone who has supported us through this time. We work hard to continue offering a high-quality, professional, COVID-19 safe service. To arrange your next window clean click here and get your first clean for free!