How regular window cleaning can save you money

How regular window cleaning can save you money

One of the first things you see when arriving at a property is its exterior and its appearance can leave a long lasting impression. As well as keeping the neighbours from talking, cleaning your windows regularly can actually save you money.

Associated benefits include better natural light and heat, and better overall appearance. With more light your office will seem more cheerful, your property may seem more appealing for buyers and allow you to soak in some much needed vitamin D which can greatly improve your mood.

A survey found 7% of people said ‘natural light’ was a reason people choose to buy a property. Clean windows can sell a property, attract shop visitors, and give people a good impression of your business or home. Plus, why mow the grass or paint the fence if you can’t even see your lovely garden through the windows!

Regular cleaning will also ensure your windows last longer. Allowing the above contaminants to build up will weaken the glass and the window frames, so professional cleans with purified water is the best way to get the most out of your windows. Glass is fragile after all, without regular cleans your windows are at risk of scratching, which could lead to a costly repair job.

If you live near the sea your windows could face damage from sea salt and sand, likewise near a wooded area bark, sap and pests can also cause damage over time. Traffic causes a lot of the dirt that lands on our windows so if you live near a road you will likely need more regular cleans. Even washing your window with hard water can cause buildup of minerals such as calcium and magnesium, as 60% of homes in the UK have hard water. Smears, streaks and pigmentation on your windows can cause damage over time.

Windows become dull due to oxidation, paint, acid rain, salt, grit, overspray, hard minerals, general dirt and grime from being exposed to the natural elements. Regular cleaning will remove such contaminants and pollutants as a build up of dirt and dust not only look bad, but it can be dangerous to people with allergies and go as far to cause respiratory complications. Algae and mold can grow on uncleaned windows so we advise prevention is the best method.

Windows are responsible for about 25-30% of heat loss in the average domestic home, but clean windows are more efficient and can let more heat in! When such pollutants build up, the grime on your window reflects UV light so less heat can enter through your windows. To maintain an efficient home you should aim to clean your windows regularly. Cleaning your windows regularly will also help you quickly spot any needs for repair, whether it be a small chip or damage to the window seal or frame, spotting an issue early can help prevent a repair in the future.

To enquire for a regular window cleaning service with trusted, trained professionals, enquire with us today and get a free clean!