Why don't some window cleaners use detergent?

Why don't some window cleaners use detergent?

Traditional window cleaning takes a lot of time and effort to produce a good result. Scrubbing dirty windows from a ladder with chemicals that often leaves a streaky residue isn’t the only way to get your windows squeaky clean. Many professional window cleaners are updating their approach and it doesn’t even involve detergent. Before you ask, no we don’t mean using vinegar or other home-made cleaning concoctions!

We are talking about water fed poles and purified water, also known as the ‘reach and wash’ method. New technology has merged with modern health and safety regulations to bring this old industry into the 21st century. Here’s why some window cleaners use this method:

Better Clean

This method does a better job of removing dirt from your windows and is smear-free! This is due to the use of soft water, where scum minerals are removed from the water to avoid the streaky residue left on your freshly cleaned glass. With less leftover grime means the water alone absorbs dirt from the windows, frames and sills rather than attracting dust. It’s also said to stay clean for longer!


By avoiding the use of ladders due to the telescopic pole our window cleaning professionals are able to keep their feet firmly on the ground and avoid the use of detergent and harsh chemicals. A bonus is you’ll no longer have to worry about window cleaners peering through your upstairs windows!


These lightweight poles are far less strenuous than carrying buckets up and down ladders, having to scrub and dry each window, and needs much less set-up than the traditional methods as there is far less equipment involved.


This method is suitable for windows, sills, frames, conservatory roofs and solar panels. This is due to the ability for cleaners to safely reach the surfaces from the ground and without the need for detergent or chemicals that may not be suitable for certain surfaces.

Weather Proof

This can be done in the rain and avoids the need to use slippery ladders in the rain, so no more rescheduling around bad weather days!


The water fed pole method saves water and reduces the water waste associated with the more traditional window cleaning methods. Additionally, as there's no need to use detergent and harsh chemicals it's a far more eco-friendly process.

Less Time-Consuming

The water fed poles can reach up-to 7 stories so this is far more convenient and efficient for larger buildings or reaching those difficult to reach windows. It’s a much quicker process and You’re able to get better results with less faffing around!

Less Harmful

The absence of detergent when cleaning your windows is better for your window sills, frames and the exterior of your house. If it does come into contact with any plants, as it isn’t full of chemicals, your landscaping is safe!

The trick to this method is doing the job properly or you won’t achieve successful results. All our staff are trained and insured for the equipment so you’ll be sure to receive a professional job for your domestic or commercial windows. UK Window Clean offers a local window cleaning service all over the UK, to get your first clean for free enquire with us here!