Should I replace the gutters on my property?

Should I replace the gutters on my property?

When owning a home there's a feeling of dread when you’re faced with damage and a looming costly repair. But spotting gutter damage early can save you a lot of money as your guttering system protects your foundations from rain damage so gutter maintenance shouldn't be taken for granted. While gutters are likely not a top priority and can last for decades, they’re not indestructible. High-quality and well-maintained gutters can last for years but since gutters are vulnerable to the elements, weathering every downpour, storm and frost, it’s bound to need a repair or replacement eventually.

We work with gutters on a daily basis and know what we’re looking for when it comes to damage. These are the top signs you may need to replace your gutters:

Visible Gutter Damage

This includes cracks, fractures, holes and broken fasteners. Essentially if you can see a break, it may be due for a repair. This can be done at home but we would advise a long term solution would be a professional repair. If there is significant damage such as several broken fasteners then it’s likely time to bite the bullet and get it replaced.

Mis-shapen Gutters

If your gutters look out of shape it's just not a good sign. Look for sagging gutters, separations where seams are coming apart, and the gutters pulling away from the roof and wall. This is an obvious sign you need replacement gutters.

Gutter Water

Take notice of what the water is doing in your gutters. Gutters control the rainwater and groundwater to protect your building’s foundation so this is an obvious sign when things aren’t working right. Look for stagnant, pooling water, water damage marks, overflowing water, and dirt buildup.

Visible Fungus

Here are 4 things to look out for: mould, rust, rot, and mildew. This can be expected with gutters as it’s essentially metal that is sat outside and susceptible to moisture and damage. This is something that can cause irreparable damage and left unchecked is dangerous, to avoid this requires regular maintenance and gutter cleaning.

Foundation Damage

This is a major red flag as any foundation damage will need to be addressed and gutter issues replaced. To spot this check for soil and landscape erosion, foundation issues or flooded basements

Missing Nails

If you find random screws or scattered nails on the ground then it’s a good indication you’re in need of maintenance. Don’t ignore the signs and address these problems early!

Paint Damage

If you see the exterior paint peeling this could be an indication you need to update your gutters.

Keeping your gutters well maintained to avoid a costly replacement needs regular cleanings. Often the need for a gutter repair is identified when cleaning, so calling on the professionals that deal with gutter systems daily is the perfect way to manage your gutters. To arrange a local gutter clean with the professionals, contact us for an enquiry here!