Top 10 products to clean your windows

Top 10 products to clean your windows

Clean windows make a big impression on your home, likewise, dirty and streaky windows are a simple way to make a room look dim and distracts from a well kept garden and interior. Shiny windows and mirrors are the mark of a clean house, given you have used a good cleaner.

Also, your windows can last longer when kept clean as a build up of dirt can damage the glass and decay the window frame. But not all cleaners can do the job correctly. Some can leave a film residue or streaks on your windows, or struggle to tackle the dirt. To make it easy, we have made a list of the ten favourite cleaners including eco-friendly cleaners.

For best results make sure you spray your window generously and work from the top to the bottom. Work both vertically and then horizontally to ensure there are no streaks, then dry. We recommend using a reusable microfiber cloth as they don’t leave behind lint and you can source ones that are plastic free.

  1. Mr Muscle Window & Glass Cleaner - this is one of the most popular window cleaners on the market. It leaves a streak-free shine, is affordable and easy to use, so it’s no surprise this is a top pick!

  2. Astonish Window & Glass Cleaner - this cleaner is a popular vegan window cleaner choice. This can easily be obtained online or even the pound shop and is a natural cleaner with a vinegar base, so you don’t have to sacrifice to properly clean your home.

  3. Waitrose ECOlogical Glass Cleaner - this product is said to be the best supermarket product on the shelves, it cleans your windows and smells great, win win!

  4. Ecover Window & Glass Cleaner - Ecover is an eco-friendly cleaning brand which can be found everywhere! Their window cleaning product is smear-free, fast drying and can be easily sourced online.

  5. Invisible Premium Glass & Window Cleaner - as an EZ Grip Spray, it is what it says on the bottle: invisible! This product is really easy to use due to it’s lightweight mist which means there's no messy streaks as you rush to clean your window before it dries! This is a popular choice for car windows and is easily sourced online as it is an American favourite.

  6. Windex Original Glass Cleaner - this cleaner begins to break down dirt before you even wipe so it’s really easy to use and easy to find online.

  7. Method Glass & Surface Cleaner - if you want non-toxic, biodegradable and natural ingredients, then this is a great choice! You can avoid the harsh chemicals when making your windows and surfaces shine.

  8. Windolene Glass & Shiny Surface Cleaner - this cleaner is really easy to find and often on your local supermarket! It can work on a range of surfaces and is a very versatile product.

  9. Unger’s Liquid - if you need an eco-friendly, professional standard window cleaner this is a good option, it’s concentrated for delusion in water and can be found online to order.

  10. HG Window Cleaner - cuts through grease, dust and debris, so even your dirtiest window can shine. Can easily find it online for a streak free, concentrated formula used by professionals.

Know when to call the professionals in! A professional window cleaner will come in armed with the correct, tried and tested products and gear to make sure you end up with a spotless finish. They can do this safely and quickly so you can avoid accidents trying to reach your second story windows! It’s often a time consuming chore and for a clean result your windows need to be done regularly.

Contact us to make an enquiry for professional window cleaning in your area and get your first clean for free!