Why You Should Use A Telescopic Water Fed Conservatory Roof Brush

Does the difference between a normal brush and a telescopic water fed conservatory roof brush really matter? Let’s find out!

Traditional conservatory cleaners are typically equipped with heavy ladders, chemical conservatory roof cleaning solution, cloths, and short, handheld brushes. Cleaning windows, conservatory roofs, and gutters can be tedious - but they are necessary jobs. They require an incredible amount of physical effort, and time, in order to get the job done to a professional standard.

The average cost of building a small size conservatory is between £2,500 and £4,000 which shouldn’t be taken lightly. However once they’re finished they are beautiful constructions. Why would anyone want to risk damage to their conservatory by not having it regularly cleaned by professionals? The cost of a local, well trained, regular, and friendly conservatory cleaner will be much cheaper than the cost of having to replace any damage to a conservatory.

Let’s leave all the hassle of cleaning conservatories to the professionals, and their handy tools - like the telescopic water fed conservatory roof brush!

Why Is A Telescopic Water Fed Conservatory Roof Brush special?

A good, telescopic conservatory roof brush can optimise the time it takes to clean your conservatory roof, as well as being an all-round convenient tool. At UKWindowClean, we use these telescopic brushes to get amazing results for our clients and customers up and down the country.

Let’s take a look at some great advantages to using a telescopic conservatory roof brush:

  • Saving time - The telescopic ability of the pole alone means you don’t have to carry around heavy ladders while cleaning your conservatory roof. There’s no need to make a lengthy task even longer by getting the heavy ladders out from the garage, lugging them over to the conservatory, setting them up to clean a very limited area, before moving the ladders several more times until the job is done. A telescopic conservatory brush can be extended to incredible lengths, and is lightweight enough to allow you to clean from anywhere, on the ground, with ease.
  • Safety while using - Safety should always be a big concern when a task involves reaching awkward heights and angles. One slip on a ladder can have devastating effects on the human body, and risking injuries to clean a conservatory roof will never be worth it. According to the Health and Safety Executive, around 40% of falls were due to accidents on ladders in 2020, which is also the highest contributor of falls in the report. With a telescopic pole you can work from the ground, and completely remove any risk of falling from a great height. (Fun fact - UKWindowClean is a completely ladderless company thanks to tools like the telescopic water fed conservatory roof brush!)
  • Purified water - Professional conservatory cleaners will avoid using harsh chemicals when cleaning because solutions that contain bleach can be harmful to your windows, sills, and conservatory roofs. Instead of using chemicals we would suggest using something called purified water. This method removes traces of microscopic dirt from inside normal tap water, and provides conservatory roofs with an ultra-smooth, and shining finish. Purified water also makes it harder for dirt to accumulate on conservatories and leaves them looking immaculate, for longer.
  • Not only for conservatory roofs - The great thing about the telescopic water fed conservatory roof brush is that it can be used for a variety of other surfaces. The professional cleaners hired by UKWindowClean will attest to this, as the poles can be used for windows, sills, and fascias to deliver equally incredible results. The all round versatility of this product is something to be marvelled at, so you don’t just have one product that can only be used for one specific purpose. The telescopic water fed brush really is a wonder-tool!

At the end of the day, the best way to get optimal results for your conservatory roof is to hire a professional conservatory cleaner, who is well practised in using telescopic water fed brushes, and is trained and insured to do the dirty work for you. At UKWindowClean, we provide those professionals to clean conservatory roofs, windows, gutters, driveways, patios, solar panels, UPVC cladding, and ovens all over the country!

Make a quick and easy booking with UKWindowClean today for a professional conservatory roof cleaning appointment!