6 Tips to help you clean your patio

6 Tips to help you clean your patio

After spending a summer in and out of lockdown, many of us got to make use of our patio. While we hope 2021 offers some opportunity to see family and friends this summer, the patio may need a bit of love. All patios require regular maintenance to keep it looking its best, particularly in the UK where the weather can be harsh. So here are a few tips to get your patio looking brand new and ready for your next sunny BBQ.

1. Don’t allow debris to build up

Autumn leaves can really build up in the damp cold weather, not only is it an ordeal to remove, but it can also cause damage and staining. Use an outdoor, natural bristle brush to clear debris such as twigs, leaves and dirt from the patio slabs.Even de-icing salt from the winter can cause damage and staining to your patio so be wary of what's underneath the debris. You can also use water to rinse the area before you clean it, and thoroughly de-weed the entire area.

2. Plan ahead

For a thorough, deep clean it's best to do it in warmer weather seasons like spring or summer. This will allow the patio to dry quickly in the sun to avoid algae spreading and a sealant to be applied. Spring is the best time as you can tackle the messy winter buildup sooner which prevents damage and potential organic growth of fungi and mildew.

3. Be safe

Wear gloves and eye protection if using a jet wash or bleach, and be careful of slippery surfaces and declutter the area, particularly for tripping hazards. We don’t advise using bleach in your garden as it can cause damage to the surrounding wildlife. Finding an eco-friendly, non-toxic solution would be preferable.

4. Use the right method

You’ll need to dislodge weeds and clean off mold to avoid damage. We advise you avoid using wire brushes for this so as not to scuff your patio. The different materials of your patio will affect your method of cleaning, so make sure to research appropriate methods and evaluate how fragile the area is.

5. Check for damage

You can use a power washer to get the weather damage stains out, but be careful of cracks and weak areas in your patio and paving mortar. You want to avoid causing further damage or using too much force on weak stone, so check the joints between the slabs as you go to identify areas in need of repairs or re-pointing.

6. Use a treatment and seal it

Pressure washing can make your patio area more likely to contract algae, lichen, moss, and various fungi as they are attracted to moisture so use a sealant and treatment on the area after a clean. This will enhance the look of your patio and make it last longer, protecting it from costly potential damage and fungal growth.

Garden maintenance often seems like a labour intensive chore, so why not get the professionals in? We provide a quality cleaning service to clear, scrub, jet wash and seal your patio. Enquire here for a professional patio clean by a team of experienced, trained operators.